"Genuine" "Passionate" "Entertaining" "Authority"

Welcome to the captivating world of Matt Harris,
a luminary in the realm of pearls.

Matt Harris

With an illustrious career spanning retail, software, finance, fine art and jewelry design, Matt stands as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration. Delve into an ocean of insights with our keynote speaker, who brings the luster of pearls to life, but who also inspires luster in your life! His presentations are not just informative; they are a delightful journey filled with amusing anecdotes, intriguing tales, and a charisma that captivates audiences.

Whether he’s demystifying the complexities of pearl fashion or sharing laugh-out-loud stories from his illustrious career, Matt’s charm and humor make any topic he speaks about accessible and engaging for everyone. Join Matt for a speaking experience where the allure of pearls is matched only by the infectious joy and enthusiasm he brings to every topic. Get ready to be educated, inspired, and thoroughly entertained!

Speaking Topics That Will Transform and Captivate Your Audience

"The History of Pearls: Rarely Told Stories About the World's Most Interesting Gem"

  • Dive into History: Matt takes you on a journey through time, unraveling the captivating tales of pearls that have been woven into the fabric of civilizations across the globe. Throughout most of history, pearls have been regarded as the most expensive and most important gem.
  • Expert Insight: As a certified pearl specialist and historian, Matt brings a unique blend of knowledge and storytelling to bring the past to life.

"A Retailer's Guide to Riding the Pearl Wave"

  • Empower Your Sales: Matt empowers retailers with the knowledge, confidence, and sales strategies to HUGELY increase their pearl sales.
  • Stay Trendy: Learn to identify and capitalize on the latest trends in pearl fashion, straight from a designer who has adorned celebrities.

"The World is Your Oyster: Unveiling the Power of Perception"

  • Break Boundaries: Matt uses his diverse and successful background to demonstrate the power of perception and limitless potential.
  • Motivate and Inspire: Through personal anecdotes and professional experiences, Matt motivates audiences to remove mental limitations and take bold actions towards their goals. An excellent way to end a multi-day conference or day-long session.

Why Choose Matt Harris?

  • Renowned Expert: A graduate of the esteemed GIA Graduate Pearl program and a noted figure in the jewelry world.
  • Media Acclaimed: Featured on CNN / Fortune Newsstand, Modern Jeweler, and in major publications, Matt’s expertise is globally recognized.
  • Proven Track Record: A history of inspiring talks at jewelry and leadership conferences and media appearances.
  • Engaging and Entertaining: Feedback from Matt’s speeches have included the words “Genuine”, “Passionate”, “Entertaining”, “Authority”, and “Stage Presence”.

Speaking Events

The History of Pearls

In Tahiti, French Polynesia. Matt will give a similar talk in May 24, 2024. 

Women's Jewelry Association

History of Pearls with Matt Harris. Wednesday March 29th @ 6:30pm

Pearls By The Bay

An important industry conference focusing solely on pearls.

Create Experience

Matt speaks about living life to its fullest and pushing aside limitations in a motivational and entertaining speech.

Evolve '24

The World Is Your Oyster: Unveiling The Power Of Perception. VIEW DETAILS

Red Carpet

Matt covers pearl fashion on display at the 65th Grammy Awards.

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